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The Next Generation of Coatings

About Mayvinci - Biomimetic Technology

How it all Began

In an unprecedented move, four international detailers from different countries started out on a journey to develop a coating technology, one that will represent the interest of the detailing and protection industry.

MAYVINCI has embarked on a mission to change the status quo, and it is an expedition that has positioned our company with some of the best and talented minds across the globe.

We sincerely believe it takes a unique set of skills and experience that sets us apart from others in the detailing industry.

Why Mayvinci

We sincerely believe it takes a unique set of skills and experience that sets us apart from others in the detailing industry.

MAYVINCI’s quest for excellence has attracted interest from billion-dollar enterprises that is sure to spread the MAYVINCI brand globally.

With an extensive investment, input from outstanding engineers, and top of the line materials, MAYVINCI strives to provide a unique product that promises to shape the future of the detailing industry.

With testimony from industry experts, the volume of elite customers that are switching from their existing suppliers to the MAYVINCI brand bespeaks the exceptional quality our company provides—a testament that the MAYVINCI brand has raised the bar.

The Next Generation of Coatings

The MAYVINCI motto simply put: engineer a product with exceptional results.

MAYVINCI offers the ultimate protection for automobiles, motorcycle, yachts and jets.

Mayvinci - Biomimetic Coating Packages

Who Can Apply Mayvinci & What does it do?

 The Ayanmo Glasscoating is a SiO2-bounded matrix nano chemical paint coating. This is a must have coating for every owners who would like to invest to protect their investments. The paint will have up-to 3 layers of coatings which contain hydrophobic properties and self healing properties to repel harsh chemicals, harmful weather conditions, dirt, UV, moisture, and scratches. Have your car shine and have a consistent Ultimate wet look. Maximum protection and maximum show look! Only Certified and trained professionals who have passed the testing and have been certified can apply the coating.   Application by only the best in the industry. The MayVinci Biomimetic Coating must be applied by a certified MayVinci Dealer. To become a dealer you must pass a test which qualifies you to be the greatest to apply the Next Generation of Coatings. The car will be fully Detailed, Polished on any imperfection to ensure they are removed before applying. 

AYANMO - 5 Years (60 Months)


The components of Mayvinci “Ayanmo” allows an extraordinary adhesion to the surface, fortified with cross linked ceramic back bone .The molecular morphology brings hardness and elasticity to the functions of the film. A unique element in the coating allows AYANMO to work to a lower surface energy while impacting anti – static properties creating oil water and dust repellency (atmospheric debris) A propriety ingredient in the coating acts as a UV absorber allowing it to re-emit UV as heat and light of longer wave length. Using accurate optical equipment Ayanmo displays 92 GU (Gloss Units) at 20⁰ and 97 GU (Gloss Units) at 60⁰ making it the highest reading ever documented on any Nano ceramic coating to date.

Technical Specification

Durability: 5 years            Volume: 50ml
Thickness:    4-5µ            Consumption: 16ml/car

C16 - 3 Years (36 Months)


A break through in Aqueous ceramic SI O2 chemistry .C16 provides a matrix like membrane of protective and grime repelling layer on painted surfaces, with a synergy of hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties the clarity and gloss displayed by C16 guarantees major enhancement and protection. C16 encapsulates the treated surface by chemically adhering to it while maintaining even greater internally cohesive properties.

Technical Specification

Durability: 3 years Volume: 50ml
Thickness: 3-4µ Consumption: 16ml/car
Contact Angle: 105⁰

MK4 - 1 1/2 Years (18 Months)


Mk 4 consists of Si O2 linked Nano particles that is chemically inert, highly scratch resistance ceramic like membrane that provides astounding protection and wax like appearance. The fortification of the chemically linked Nano particles amplifies and maintains a show car look .The extreme low surface energy of its film resists the adhesion of daily grime, acid and increases the cleaning results.

Technical Specification

Durability: 18 months        Volume: 50ml
Thickness:    2-3µ            Consumption: 16ml/car

WHEEL GAURD - Up-To 1 Year (9-12 months)

Wheel Guard offers a unique bond with automotive wheels. A break through in the combination of organic and in-organic SI O2 element allows the coating to repel brake dust, road grime and withstand high temperature. The extreme low surface energy of its film along with an inherent anti-static mechanism resists the road adhesion and makes wheel guard the most advanced wheel coating on the market today. This greatly increases cleaning results.

Technical Specification

Durability: 9-12 months Volume: 30ml
Thickness: 3-4µ Consumption: 9ml/car
Contact Angle: 100⁰

OVERCOAT - 3 Months


Overcoat is a temporary coating that’s offers a microscopic ceramic like matrix of Si O2 protection that seals out oxidative elements while sealing in the deep gloss shine of Mayvinci coating. It maintains the internally coated surface above it till the underneath layer cures.

Technical Specification

Durability: 3 months            Volume: 100ml
SI02 Percentage: 10%        Consumption: 18ml/car
Contact Angle: 100⁰


Prices are subjected to change depending on the vehicle. PLEASE NOTE ALL PRICES LISTED ABOVE ARE EXCLUDING HST. We have the right to refuse work on any vehicle if deemed necessary. Please note there is no refund on any deposits made.

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